ILT Lean Startup Program

What does the ILT Lean Innovation Startup Program Include?

Coaching and mentoring by experts
Entrepreneurial skill development
Tools to equip and empower
Professional program management

Each session in our three-part series features engaging, thought-provoking and solution-oriented meetings that allow for unbiased engagement in coming up with action-based solutions to a variety of real-world challenges.

The ILT Academy Lean Startup Innovation Certificates

100 Series //
Startup Innovation

Students will learn how to unpack their ideas and explore surrounding opportunities. Students will practice using new tools, frameworks, and processes to collaborate, communicate, create, and think critically –to innovate.

200 Series //
Customer-Driven Innovation

Students will use the lean canvas to identify, refine, and explore customers. Students will start assessing the opportunity for a lean startup.

300 Series //
Developing your Lean Startup

Students will use advanced methods to refine, explore and begin testing their startup idea. Students will develop their lean startup plan, validate their assumptions, and present their lean startup concept.

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