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Certificate program applications open throughout the year and stay open typically for 3 to 4 weeks. After applications close, we’ll review the applications with program leads, get to know more about you, your progress and idea. We will notify all applicants being accepted within one week prior to the program starting.

Applications Due Today 10/28/22

ILT Academy @ Finnovation Fall Cohort 2022

Minneapolis + St. Paul, MN

Applications Opening Soon

NOW Network Winter Cohort 2023
Powered by ILT Academy

North West, Minnesota

Q4 2022 Applications Open

ILT Academy @ CTM / Nairobi Leadership Foundation

Nairobi, Kenya

Applications Opening Soon

West Central Winter Cohort 2023
Powered by ILT Academy

West Central, MN + Fargo, ND

Applications Opening Soon

Innovate 218 Winter Cohort 2023 Powered by ILT Academy

North East, Minnesota

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