Empowering communities to keep entrepreneurs local and create high growth 21st-century businesses.
ILT Academy partners with community and economic leaders to teach and train local innovators and entrepreneurs the skillsets needed to develop successful ventures.
Next Generation 
of Changemakers

Developing the Next Generation of Changemakers

We are a community of problem solvers, design thinkers, innovators, and founders that understand how to work together, give feedback and push each other to learn and practice the most important skills needed to solve important problems and create great companies.

Join us in our mission to empower the underestimated entrepreneurs in your area and support their growth within your community for a win-win economic boost.

Have an idea?

Passionate about solving a problem?

Want to feel the support of your community?

We believe in the power of community. It’s our mission to partner with the community and ecosystem development leaders to best address the specific needs, challenges, and opportunities for the many underestimated innovators and entrepreneurs outside of metropolitan areas.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or innovator, solopreneur or a team, if you have an idea or an early-stage startup, our Lean Startup Cohort is for you.

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Building up a community of entrepreneurs

Hear from founders who have already joined our growing community.

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Founding Academy Sponsors

ILT Academy was created for founders by founders. In collaboration with Great North Labs, we are working to provide the training resources and tools (e.g., design thinking and lean practices) to support underestimated innovators and entrepreneurs.

ILT Academy Founding Partners

Founding Partners and Sponsors

The following groups and organizations have been instrumental in helping us expand access to better startup models, training, and tools to Greater Minnesota and beyond.

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