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At ILT Academy we train entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, locations and populations to create thriving 21st century businesses, through our one-of-a-kind virtual learning and community building platform.

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Our “Lean Start-Up Innovation” and “Advanced Lean Start-Up” Cohorts are both 10-Week Programs that we offer FREE to entrepreneurs, that are local to the regions available. Designed to quickly get you started and move you forward.


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ILT Academy can bring our expertise to help fuel business growth, make meaningful connections, and catalyze or grow local startup community.

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Partner with ILT Academy in unlocking the entrepreneurial potential of your community.

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Join us for an intensive, 3-hour introduction to our “Lean Canvas” and “Innovation Framework.” Our workshops are designed to focus your efforts and maximize your opportunities.


Small-Business Whisperer

Small-Business Whisperer 550 414 ILT Academy

Starting a business is like pitching a film to a big Hollywood movie studio.

That’s according to Nick Tietz , the founder of ILT Academy and ILT Studios, a St. Cloud-based education provider and co-working lab for small-business owners. When it comes to nurturing a business idea, accelerator programs, lenders and investors tend to rally around the 1% of new companies that have the potential to become blockbusters, he said.

St. Cloud Shines features ILT Academy

St. Cloud Shines Features ILT Academy

St. Cloud Shines Features ILT Academy 1394 777 ILT Academy

An idea, a dream, a vision… to that, we say – “I like that.” Well, ILT for short. Part incubator, part accelerator, ILT made its home in St. Cloud a few years ago to bring the people, resources, ideas, and funding together to help the entrepreneur and startup community in St. Cloud continues to thrive. Nick Tietz, Founder and CEO, shared what ILT is, how it works, and the incredible impact it’s made thus far in our communities.

5 area innovators are finalists for the West Central Trailblazer Challenge on April 13

5 area innovators are finalists for the West Central Trailblazer Challenge on April 13 940 788 ILT Academy

The finalist with the business idea judged to be best will receive $5,000 to help develop their companies. Each entrant, which could be a team of up to four people, submitted a one-page description of their idea and a short video.

Message from Nick Tietz, Founder & CEO of ILT Studios

Message from Nick Tietz, Founder & CEO of ILT Studios 1444 511 ILT Academy

One of GSDC’s four strategic imperatives is “Shape Tomorrow”. Our primary strategies to do so include influencing and articulating the community narrative, marketing the region, and advancing its quality of life. We want to amplify the life, work, and ideas of leaders across our community. 

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