Building a community of entrepreneurs
ILT Academy delivers educational experiences to cultivate, equip, and train individuals, teams, and all levels of innovators who want to hone and expand their innovation skills.
A practical approach to learning innovation
Learn the processes, practices, and frameworks involved in design innovation and lean startup.
Training the next generation of problem solvers
Improve your team or organization’s problem solving capabilities, innovative thinking, and skills to develop your own breakout ideas.
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Our vision is to create spaces, places, and culture to cultivate and create an abundance of problem solvers, innovators, and founders.

ILT Academy helps students deconstruct problems, ideas, innovations, and execution. They will ideate and innovate to see for themselves that ideas are easy. When a student graduates from the ILT Academy, they become even stronger problem solvers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Teach participants the processes and practices involved in design innovation and lean startup.

Provide more opportunities and spaces for participants to gain feedback to hone their new skills.

Encourage and coach participants how to fail fast so they can succeed sooner.



Ideas are easy, execution is hard

Ideas come to people everyday. Very few people act on those ideas. And even fewer succeed in their new endeavor.


In finding a strong connection

The job of an innovative founder is to find a strong connection among a problem, with a solution, for a customer. If you find an incomplete connection or if the connection is weak, then the endeavor will fail.


Startup entrepreneurship is a skill

Finding a strong connection among a problem, a solution, and a customer is a skill. Therefore we design in many opportunities for students to practice, getting feedback as early and as often as possible.


That success isn't done alone or overnight

Even the best ideas need to be iterated, explored, and refined before they have a chance of becoming a great business idea and business venture.


It's crucial to expand access to better startup models, training, and tools to all geographies

Our program is designed for both in-person and online in order to reach innovators, entrepreneurs, and founders in and outside of metropolis areas.

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What We Offer

ILT Academy offers certificate programs, workshops, tools, and online resources in Design Innovation and Startup education. We teach practical methods to help students deconstruct problems, innovation, and execution to position their projects for success.

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Design Innovation Education

Facilitated immersive learning opportunities for individuals, entrepreneurs, and professionals to get hands-on, practical experience, in order to understand and internalize the zero-to-one process.

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Certificate Program

Innovation by Design

Learn and practice the processes and techniques to define and refine an idea’s core problem, solution, customer, and the potential opportunities surrounding that idea.

FORMAT: Activity-based workshop

DURATION: 5 weeks

TIME: 2.5 Hr/Week

Customer Discovery 101

Learn and practice the processes and techniques to develop your customer interviewing and discovery skills.

FORMAT: Activity-based workshop


TIME: 2.0 Hr/Class

Certificate Program

Innovation for Transformational Leaders

Learn the processes and practices needed to build meaningful solutions in your community, organization or team.

FORMAT: Activity-based workshop


TIME: 90 Min/Class

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Startup Education

The ILT Academy has developed intensive educational experiences to help innovators and entrepreneurs who want to learn the most important skills needed to develop, define, validate, and launch startup ideas.

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LaunchMN / DEED

Course 01: Customer Driven Innovation

101 | Opportunity Identification
Learn and practice the processes and techniques to define and refine an idea’s core problem, solution, customer, and the potential opportunities surrounding that idea.

FORMAT: Activity-based workshop


TIME: 2.5 Hr/Class

**Virtual Event**
Orientation: Wed., July 29, 4:30 – 5:30pm
Class: Wed., August 5, 4-7pm

Certificate Program

Course 02: Customer Driven Innovation

Modules 201 – 205
Learn advanced customer discovery interview methods and skills needed to help gather better feedback and ensure you are solving the right problem.

FORMAT: Activity-based workshop


TIME: 2.5 Hr/Week

LaunchMN / DEED

Course 03: The Lean Startup

Module 300-309
Students learn how to validate and present their lean startup idea, be connected with a mentor, and showcase their entrepreneurial talent.

FORMAT: Activity-based workshop

DURATION: 2.5 Months

TIME: 8 Hrs/Week

**Virtual Event**
Applications due: August 3, 2020, 6pm
Course start date: September 12, 2020

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