Bring the Startup Culture to Your Community
Together with community leaders and economic development partners, we strengthen and empower entrepreneurs and innovators to develop successful ventures and create high-growth 21st-century businesses.

It takes a well-designed community to build a strong and sustainable economy, let alone a startup.

Thriving communities need:

      • Potential Entrepreneurs
      • Inspirational & Educational Programs
      • Idea & Early Stage Startups
      • Mentors
      • Startup Programs (Incubators & Accelerators)
      • Investors
      • Growth Stage Startups

ILT Academy is a solution and tool for a community to upskill their local entrepreneurs, innovate small business owners, and provide early on entrepreneurship know-how to create a successful startup foundation.

Building Blocks of A Culture of Scalable Tech Entrepreneurship

Together, these building blocks create a thriving culture and ecosystem of scalable tech entrepreneurship,
sustaining, and supporting the new ventures which lead to jobs and hiring locally.

Foundation Stage

Small businesses to support a culture of entrepreneurship

Idea Stage

Startup space, colocation and networking, culture-building events

Formalization Stage Support

Making connections with Incubators, Accelerators, business resources, and a strong mentor network

Supporting your Community

Active Chamber support, Startup Programming, and SBDC support

Startup Education

Education around what’s possible and pathways to starting a startup and validating early business ideas

Growth within Ecosystem

Scale and expansion, events and support, investor and funding

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