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Come learn the skills needed to develop successful ventures and create high-growth 21st century businesses.

Join one of our 4 interactive, immersive series of virtual classes where participants (of any age) learn to leverage world-class tools, innovation techniques, and practice key concepts in the Lean Startup methodology.

2021 Programs accepting applications now!

Built for innovators and founders, by innovators and founders

We are a community of entrepreneurs and innovators that understand people, share ideas and how to teach the most important skills needed to solve important problems and create great entrepreneurs.

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Mentoring the Next Generation of Changemakers

Become part of a growing community that wants to give and share their insights and know-how to help the next generation of changemakes succeed.

ILT Startup Innovation Certificate Program Experience

Startup Innovation Certificate

The ILT Startup Innovation Certificate experience is an 8-week program to empower and equip startup entrepreneurs. This training program will teach participatns how to refine, explore, innovate, and develop new business ideas.

This training program will enable particpants to plan and launch a lean startup!

Startup Innovation Workshop

A 2 hour interactive, immersive virtual workshop where participants (of any age) learn and practice the processes and techniques to define and refine an idea’s core problem, solution, customer, and the potential opportunities surrounding that idea.

Advance Startup Certificate

In this program, students will learn actionable processes to do active customer discovery, imagine new possibilities, and quickly and inexpensively test and prototype their ideas.

Lean Canvas Workshop

In this “live” workshop, we’ll introduce the Lean Canvas tool and show you how to use this to deconstruct your idea and better understand the most important parts of your idea.

Founder Spotlight

founder spotlight - Anna Maija L

“As a founder who is often visioning “solo,” this class offered me a sense of clarity and structure I’ve been lacking. I have done more in 2 hours than the past two months to push my idea forward!”

Anna-Maija L
Startup Entrepreneur, For the Love Project

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