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ILT Academy offers certificate programs, workshops, tools, and online resources in Design Innovation and Startup education. We teach practical methods to help students deconstruct problems, innovation, and execution to position their projects for success.

ILT Academy Teaches Practical Methods

Our program teaches practical methods to help entrepreneurs deconstruct problems, explore innovation, and learn to position business ideas for success.

Content We provide tools that are relevant and engaging while nurturing a culture of giving and receiving feedback.

Methodology We provide a framework built on multifaceted inquiries to fully validate ideas and make sustainable iteration.

Pedagogy We provide engaging activities that scaffold concepts and practices necessary for validating and iterating ideas toward success.

LaunchMN / DEED / Greater Fergus Falls

Course Series: Lean Startup

100-309 | Lean Startup Series
ILT Academy is offering a 20 week interactive, immersive series of
virtual classes where participants (of any age) learn and practice key
concepts in the Lean Startup methodology – a proven, evidence
based process for turning ideas into thriving businesses.

FORMAT: Activity-based workshop

DURATION: 20 weeks

TIME: 3 Hr/Class

**Virtual Event**
Orientation: Tuesday, January 4, 6 pm
Classes start Tues., January 12, 5-8 pm

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