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Innovation is a collaborative activity

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Jumpstart your economy’s startup ecosystem

In the startup world, there are various models of how to collaborate, and we are grateful for organizations and people like you to step up and support your local Entrepreneurs and partner ILT Academy.

This collaborative support is key. Entrepreneurship is this force that allows people to seize on an opportunity, to break down barriers without asking for permission, to right the imbalance of economic justice.

It has a positive effect on employment, productivity, and growth at the national and local level…we know the culture of the city and its community is foundational the entrepreneurial ecosystem building efforts.

ILT Academy is YOUR support tool to provide to YOUR community

A culture that encourages scalable tech entrepreneurship is much more likely to be filled with problem solvers and innovators building scalable tech startups, and collaborative services and supporters readily available and accessible to all.

That’s where ecosystem education, coaching and support builders like ILT Academy fit in.

Thank you to our founding sponsors Great North Labs and ILT Studios

ILT Academy Sponsors

ILT Studios

Transforming the fabric of communities across Minnesota.

ILT Studios was designed to be the first startup studio to create, find and fuel innovation and entrepreneurship by focusing on supporting underestimated innovators and startup entrepreneurs in underserved markets and geographies.

Great North Labs

An early-stage venture fund for the Upper Midwest.

Great North Labs applies capital, operating experience, relationships, and market intelligence to cultivate the next generation of leading tech companies across the Upper Midwest.

ILT Academy provides relevant and professional content, methodology, and pedagogy that will positively affect your neighborhoods, communities, and regional areas.

Let’s chat, we’d love to have you join our ILT family!

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