Customer Driven Innovation Workshop

In partnership with ILT Studios. Sponsorship by Minnesota DEED and Great North Labs.

*Preferences to Southeastern and Central Minnesota

Customer Driven Innovation Workshop

The workshop to kick off your startup journey. Anyone with an idea and a desire to work on doing something is welcome in this workshop.

This course is FREE, through the support of our funders, subject to certain participant criteria:

You or your business resides in, have ties to or serves Greater Minnesota in some manner. Preferences to Southeastern and Central Minnesota.

1 Session/2 Hour delivered Virtually

In this course, students learn and practice the processes and techniques to define and refine an idea’s core problem, solution, customer, and the potential opportunities surrounding that idea.

Most good ideas do not come fully formed. Even the best ideas need to be iterated, explored, and refined before they have a chance at becoming great business ideas.

What most people don’t tell you is that there is a process that can be taught and practiced to sharpen an idea–taking it from good, to better, and then to great.

This workshop will expand your ideation skills and teach you customer-driven innovations methods, formalizing your idea through an interactive class experience.

Students will:

  • Learn to assess/refine and articulate a startup idea

  • Learn/practice collaboration and innovation processes

  • Interact with others to help refine areas

  • Be able to explain their idea in a problem/solution format

  • Create a 1-page problem/solution document to support next steps in your startup adventure

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