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ILT Academy’s Virtual Lean Startup Innovation Cohort is an ideal program for anyone looking to start or grow their business. Whether you’re an individual or part of a team, have an existing product or just starting to shape your ideas, this program can help you succeed. We welcome High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech business ideas around shared mobility, as well as non-profits.

Shared Mobility is a form of transportation in which transportation services are shared among users. Users may use the service at the same time or independently of one another. Examples include traditional public transportation, microtransit, and carpooling and vanpooling. Independently used transit includes forms of car-sharing, bike sharing, scooter-sharing, and some delivery services.

Jan 17th, 2024 — Mar 20th, 2024


Application Deadline

11AM - 3PM

*Program cost: Full Tuition Scholarships Available
*Limited spots available
** Virtual Program

Startup Innovation Shared Mobility Workshop // (Online / Virtual)

Participants will learn how to use the ILT Innovation framework to unpack, explore and define the problem, solution, customer and the context of their idea.

Date: November 7th, 2023, 11-1pm – ILT Virtual Academy Classrom


Applications Open


Applications Due


Program Starts


Founder Showcase



Applications Open


Applications Due


Program Starts


Founder Showcase


“Moving Greater Minnesota Forward will help Minnesota’s rural, tribal, and small urban communities meet mobility needs through innovative solutions.”

Elliot McFadden
Greater MN Shared Mobility Program Coordinator

Program Details

Shared mobility has recently emerged as a more flexible alternative to more traditional fixed-route public transportation, as it enables users to interact with intelligent technology systems to travel throughout an area more efficiently. Project ideas eligible for admission into the Moving Greater Minnesota Forward program will include new shared mobility services, new business models for existing services, and technologies that improve service delivery, operational efficiencies, or financial sustainability of existing services.

Shared Mobility is a form of transportation in which transportation services are shared among users. Users may use the service at the same time or independently of one another.

Examples of services that may be used at the same time include: 

  • Traditional public transportation
  • Microtransit
  • Carpooling and vanpooling

Services that may be used independently include: 

  • Forms of car- sharing
  • Ride hail
  • Taxis
  • Product delivery services
  • Bikesharing
  • Scooter-sharing 

In this 10 week program, you will learn and practice how to unpack the customer discovery process, create solutions that people want, and validate your assumptions and ideas. 

Session Dates //
Every Wednesday from 01/17/2024 to 03/20/2024

Session Times //
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Session Location //
Online (virtual meetings)

How much does this program cost?
The program is *FREE* to all participants. The program is subsidized through the generous sponsors above.

Who should apply?
Participants do not need any startup experience nor a fully formed idea for a startup — just ambition, motivation and grit. The 10-Week Lean Startup Program will build startup skills as participants work on their business ideas.

Am I eligible to apply to the program?
Any one from can apply for our virtual program. Priority will be given to founders and startups based in MN area. There are a limited number of seats available; the acceptance rate will be very competitive. However, if there are additional spaces, the program will consider participants outside the priority areas. We encourage you to apply regardless of your current location.

Who Should Apply

The 10-Week Lean Startup Program is ideal for teams and individuals who are just starting to shape their ideas, or have an existing product or business that they want to develop and grow like a startup. High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech business ideas around shared mobility, as well as non-profits.

The program combines remote learning, remote collaboration, and remote coaching to help participants test and refine their business ideas. Over the 10-week period, participants will learn and practice how to:

  • Explore and refine ideas
  • Assess the market potential
  • Reduce risk
  • Validate products, customers, and markets
  • Prepare for future development
  • Prepare for investment

The course will conclude with a virtual founder showcase where you can deliver a 5 min pitch to  startup founders, business leaders, and potential investors.

Program Series Outline

Startup Innovation – 4 Sessions

Participants will learn and practice the ILT Innovation Framework, in order to focus on actual problems, explore market opportunities, and articulate possible marketable solutions.

  • Identify new startup opportunities
  • Deconstruct ideas, refine ideas, and explore new ideas
  • Develop a clear and concise 30-second pitch for each opportunity

// Benefit to Participants
Participants will learn and practice the processes and techniques to define and refine an idea’s core problem, solution, customer, and the potential opportunity surrounding that idea.

Customer Driven Innovation – 5 Sessions

Participants will learn and practice advanced customer interviewing methods to gather, analyze, and discover insights to ensure the right problem is being solved with the right solution for the right customer in the right context.

  • Start a lean business model canvas
  • Define target market, target customers, and customer segments
  • Interview target customers
  • Develop a strong 5-min customer thesis presentation

// Benefit to Participants
Participants will learn and practice advanced customer interview methods to ensure they are solving the right problem, with the right solution, for the right customer, in the right context. Participants will develop a strong customer thesis presentation, ensuring a fuller understanding of their lean canvas.

Founder Showcase

Participants will craft a 5 minute video presentation and share their lean startup concept and business idea with an actionable plan to move their business forward.

  • Iterate and finalize a lean canvas (business plan)
  • Develop a lean startup action plan
  • Develop and executive summary of your busines idea
  • Develop a business abstract for furture investment and grant opportunities
  • Develop clear and concise presentation for their lean startup concept

// Benefit to Participants
Participants will learn and practice lean startup action planning, develop their founder story and present a clear and concise pitch in front of local and regional community and business leaders.

Recent Graduates

Founder Stories

“Attending ILT’s customer discovery class was a game-changer for Otrafy. The skills that ILT shared with us helped us create our discovery funnel, which allowed us to find product-market fit and build a pipeline of priorities for our development.”

Lucas Cunha
Co-Founder and COO, Otrafy


Co-Founders // Nhat Nguyen (CEO) & Lucas Cunha (COO)


Co-Founders // Allison Borum (CEO) & Abby Henstein (COO)

“Having ILT Academy’s support in our business has been a great experience for Virtuwoof. We have gained so much useful knowledge we’re able to directly apply to our business strategy. The activities we completed built up our confidence and were critical to our success in launching our first startup!”

Allison Borum
Co-Founder and CEO, Virtuwoof

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